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Banana Coffee Mousse — Dairyless, Sugarless, Eggless

Banana Coffee Mousse If you are following my parallel blog on Cooking in Mexico, you may remember the banana ice cream recipe that was dairyless, sugarless and eggless. This morning, I made the same recipe, this time adding espresso  powder. … Continue reading

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Homemade Beef Stock

Making homemade beef stock is easy. And it is free of all the extra additives and excessive salt the commercial stocks contain. Ask a butcher for soup bones, which shouldn’t cost much. If you have a meat market in your … Continue reading


Lemon~Orange Curd Ice Cream

When the Sweet Tooth Fairy needs appeasing, a cool dish of Lemon~Orange Curd Ice Cream may do the trick. Made from Lemon~Orange Curd and cream, it has a delightful citrus tang tempered by the mellow cream and it is not … Continue reading

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Sardines and Guacamole for Lunch?

This combination of sardines and guacamole works, provided you like sardines (I do) and you have an avocado in the house (I did).  I made a quick little guacamole, using half an avocado, a bit of minced onion, finely chopped tomato … Continue reading

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